The Plaza, the destination for your prom dress in Montreal

Although the spring is not yet there (it happens, be patient ! :)), you are many to be already in search of the perfect dress for your ball of end of study ... This one will have to be elegant and unique at the same time. For that, nothing more simple, you just have to come and shop on the Plaza St-Hubert.

You will find on the street a wide variety of specialized shops with experienced staff ready to advise you to find the dress that suits you perfectly and that will showcase you. Take advantage of the spring break to discover the new collections now in store. We guarantee you a very large selection of dresses for all tastes!




Graduation chez Ami-Fer (6776, St-Hubert)

Boutique Le Chic Inc. (6850, St-Hubert)

Le Château Entrepôt (6856, St-Hubert)

Anais Designs (6744, St-Hubert)

Nifertiti cortège (6539, St-Hubert)

Boutique La Perle (6806, St-Hubert)

Boutique Élégance (6648, St-Hubert)

1ere Avenue Joseph Ribkoff (6890, St-Hubert)

Ami-Fer (6782, St-Hubert)

Chàteau de la mariée Nadia (6920, St-Hubert)

Clay Collection (6712, St-Hubert)

Robes Goldam (6886, St-Hubert) 

Opéra (6845, St-Hubert)

Nifertiti Cortège (6880, St-Hubert)

Salon de la mariée Cathy PVEC (6665, St-Hubert)

Sposabella (6845, St-Hubert)

Boutique Cha Cha (6629, St-Hubert)

Cléopâtre cortège (6586, St-Hubert)

Mona Lisa (6664, St-Hubert)

Pamir Fashion (6820, St-Hubert)

Couture nuptiale (6907, St-Hubert)

Noces Royales (6720, St-Hubert)


On the Plaza you will also find:

  • Gorgeous costumes for men
  • Many accessories (shoes, jewelry, evening handbags, make-up) to enhance your outfit (these are the small details that make all the difference!)
  • Many salons of beauties

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