The Plaza of the local beers lovers

If you like good local beers, the Plaza St-Hubert is a place you have to visit. Indeed there are some good bars which are specialised in very local beers so come and see us, you won't be disappointed !


  • A good selection of beers

Come and discover this wonderful place which will provide you to discover a large selection of beers produced by Les Brasseurs illmités (from St-Eustache). 

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  • The CASK evenings


Every Thursday (at 7 pm) at the Medley Simple Malt, you are invited to discover an old british tradition : the CASK. It will give you the opportunity to discover some very surprising beers (produced in a very short quantity). 

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Address : 6634 St-Hubert street 



Les Délires du Terroir is a little shop which is known because they have a very good selection of local beers. Do not hesitate to visit them... They will be very happy to make you discover some very interesting beers produced in Québec (but not only!). There are nearly 200 different kinds of beers :)

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Address : 6406, St-Hubert Street




Like for the two previous addresses, Le Bar le Vestiaire is the perfect place to taste some very different beers. Even if you are not a big fan of beer, we are quite sure that they will abble to find THE one which will make you love beers. Indeed they know everything about good beers !

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Address : 6634, St-Hubert street